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Restructuring / Distressed M&A

RASENBERGER TOSCHEK provides tailored services in distressed situations for:

  • Shareholders,
  • Management,
  • Insolvency Administrators and Insolvency Practitioners,
  • Creditors in bankruptcy proceedings,
  • Investors in distressed assets.



Shareholders and Management in Special Situations

One of our core competencies is day-to-day crisis management in pre-insolvency settings. Often a crisis emerges rather quickly and seems to leave the management team with little room for manouevre. At this point, time and expertise are most valuable resources to save a company. The processes a company is going through under these exceptional circumstances are often similar. The management in place, however, has in most cases little if no experience in dealing with them. Our interim managers and insolvency specialists, in contrast, specialize in such settings and have successfully dealt with that kind of situation for numerous companies and high net-worth individuals. Exceptional circumstances require exceptional measures - and this is where RASENBERGER TOSCHEK brings in out-of-the box thinking coupled with quick and structured hands-on turnaround management.

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Insolvency Administrators and Insolvency Practitioners

RASENBERGER TOSCHEK has provided M&A and Support Services for some of the largest insolvencies in Europe. We support insolvency administrators and insolvency practitioners in all phases of a structured insolvency proceedings, already starting in the preliminary proceedings. Our services include a broad variety of assignments, ranging from organizational aspects of the continuation of business operations of the debtor company through the installment of an integrated cash management and a rolling liquidity planning to the execution of a global M&A process.

Repeatedly we have been able to sell corporations in ongoing bankruptcy proceedings at or above market value of non-distressed assets, helping to save thousands of jobs and creating above average returns on distressed assets for creditors.

We understand the requirements of the proceedings and the needs of insolvency administrators. We are used to work in the background, highly efficient and according to tight schedules. 

This service is only available in selected jurisdictions.

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Creditors and Investors

RASENBERGER TOSCHEK is advising creditors on value-maximizing restructuring solutions. We understand the requirements of creditor groups, from secondary market investors to par lenders, and specialize in negotiating leverage, which optimizes the restructuring outcome of our clients. RASENBERGER TOSCHEK professionals have been members of creditor's commitees in numerous insolvency proceedings and have produced creative solutions tailored to our client’s needs and the economic realities of the case at hand.

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